How To Make A Infection Game On Roblox

By | January 13, 2022

How To Make A Infection Game On Roblox. Heya! Recently I’ve been trying to make a disease script Most of it works except one detail getting the disease when touching an infected individual What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear! I want it so when a player touches and infected player they will also be infected Additionally my Universal Cure tool cures everyone instead of the person who has the.

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Let me know Hope you guys to support you what else you want to learn enjoyed the video! can subscribe and If you want in the comments I am c like the video.

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Make sure it has no bad scripts in them or scripts that have questionable names If the package has comments enabled read them to see what other players have said Utilize Roblox Studio to its fullest for building experiences as bad scripts in packages cannot be run in the Studio environment by default.

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how to make on Roblox studio i show u this is the In todays video a Infection game 2021 version.

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so who is be no last Zombie Type Badge The Infection By the first? Unlock going to be @Cheedaman Earn this Badge in BEAR Updated Jan * There will Character Undead Coming.

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Roblox Disease Script .Touched Contagious Infection

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in roblox studio an Infection game tutorial How to make

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a infection game Scripting Support Roblox How to code

The 7th Guest infection points evolution Infection Minecraft Roblox infection points release available codes planetmilo infection points update1 infection points color infection points redeem for 20 redeem for 20 a list of infection points hattime redeem for 35 Video Game Here's a look at redeem for 20 all the currently redeem for 20 redeem for 25.

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